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About Us



OFS was founded & promoted in 1971 by Mr.O.K.Augusty to provide specialized services & turnkey solutions to petroleum exploration & production industries. The company indigenously developed designing, engineering, manufacturing, Operation & Maintenance of bulk plants and several equipments for oil industry,which were otherwise imported. We perform all services as per the best standards in HSE. Our group companies are also into resorts & manufacturing of environmental protection plants & equipments for all industries. Our agency division provided complete marketing & logistic support services to various Schlumberger group companies like Sedco Forex, Anadril, and Dowell etc for 25 years. We now with in-house expertise & experience and technical tie-ups with multinational companies are rendering following services to petroleum & energy sectors:

  • Turnkey management of Oil/Gas field
  • Turnkey management of Power Plant & Refineries
  • Design, Engineering & Integration of Control Systems
  • Turnkey Communication Solutions
  • Logistics Equipments & Services
  • Oil well Cementing Services
  • Consortium Projects



Goal and Objectives

Solving client’s problems and increasing their productivity and profit is our duty. We consider money as by-product.

Our Approach

  • KISS : (Keep It Simple & Straight) All our systems should be simple and down to Earth.
  • Get it right in the first attempt. Thorough home work.
  • We do not grab everything that comes by. We believe in taking only such activity which we can handle well and convert maximum opportunities to result for our clients and ourselves.
  • Every one takes care of big details, but attention to small ones will make the difference in quality.
  • It is from the DEPTH that the DIFFERENCE and PERFECTION emerges.
  • We uphold world class HSE practices in everything we do.




OFS petroleum (P) ltd. is a high technology engineering company that provides turnkey solutions to the oil and gas exploration companies. We specialize in supply operations and maintenance of oilfields, offshore platforms and oil and gas processing complexes. Our expertise helps to optimize activities make it most economical for oil and gas companies. We follow world class standards in health, safety and environment norms.


OFSARE Engineering (P) Ltd. is a high quality manufacturing Company supplying complete range of water treatment equipments and services. This venture was started by OFS, to contribute our share for a healthier environment by purifying the water from all types of impurities. Ofsare also takes up projects based on special client needs and design & manufacture suitable fluid treatment plants on case-to-case basis. Ofsare is a 100% owned subsidy of OFS.

As the demand for high purity water continue to increase in industries like Mineral Water / Cooling Tower / Power Generation /Metal Finishing / Working, Pulp and Paper, Textile, Dairy Processing, Institutes, Hotels, Pharmaceuticals, Green House, Waste water recycling, Agrobased Products.


Health and safety 

The protection of company assets and the environment are also primary concerns.

No job is so important that we cannot take the time to do it properly without compromising safety and therefore complete it safety.

We aim deliver the highest quality service to its clients at offshore / onshore operations and the best performance to set the company among the elite in the Oil and Gas field service companies in the Arabian gulf and other operating locations.

It is, therefore, necesary to provide and maintain free hazards work sites to its office, ships, offshore and onshore based employees. To provide accident / incident prevention program and systems. And to comply with national and international applicable rules and regulations.

Understanding that safety, accident / incident prevention, and environment protection are operational responsibilities. This requires all employees at all levels and at all working sites to be responsible for the prevention of job-related injuries and illness, property damage and environmental accidents, through the use of their good judgment and the diligent and consistent application of company guidelines and procedures in line with ADNOC HSEMS standard.

Employee safety performance will always be major consideration in decisions affecting promotions, salary increase and continued employment.


OFS Industries (p) ltd.  aims to conduct all of its operation in such a manner so as to minimize / avoid any actions that may endanger or harm the environment at all operation locations.

The company policy is one of responsible environmental stewardships, our objective is to prevent pollution of any kind in our operations.

The company and its employees will follow all states, federal and other international applicable rules and regular compliance standards to prevent pollution or environmental damage to the land, sea and air in which they work.

Furthermore, vendors, subcontractors and others who visit or work at company locations and facilities will be held accountable for ensuring that environmentally sound practices and procedures are followed.

Environmental pollution hazards or violations of this policy should be brought to the immediate attention of company’s management.

(safety certificate comes here)

OFS is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company

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