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F – 7000

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F – 7000

The F-7000 system is based on a fiber-optic cable sensor and a programmable zone processor unit. It is a cost-effective and versatile product especially suitable for projects with limited budgets, and can be field programmed.

F- 7000- FODS

(Fiber Optic Disturbance Sensor Cable)

It detects intrusion attempts at fence or palisade barriers by means of motion and vibration disturbance. The cable sensor is installed in a split plastic conduit to provide uniform detection and to enhance sensitivity. The sensor cable is attached to the existing fence by standard cable ties.

F-7000- FOBS

(Fiber Optic Buried Sensor Cable)

Buried underground sensor, specially designed to secure perimeters by detecting attempts to pass through the sensitive area.

  • Buried, invisible and totally passive
  • Detection of pressure on ground (adjustable threshold)
  • Can be installed in almost any ground such as: gravel, soil, sand, etc.
  • Detection area width : variable (1 -2m typical)

Depth of sensor cable: 5 – 10 cm.

Matting : 2 layers of metal grid one above and one beneath the sensor cable.

F- 7000- FOMS

(Fiber Optic Multi Cable Sensor)

It detects intrusion attempts at fence barriers by means of pressure or displacement of the sensor cable.

  • Can be installed on fence at almost any condition, on barbed wires or concertina.
  • Number of cables can be tailored to customer security requirement.
  • Attached to the existing fence by standard cable ties.

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