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F – 8000

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F – 8000


The F-8000 MARINET is a fiber—optic alarm net designed to provide physical protection and intrusion detection above and under water (fresh and salt).

The net is specially designed to be both strong and flexible in order to survive harsh marine environment. To face threats of divers, swimmers and boats and to provide perfect intrusion detection with no false alarms in underwater sensitive areas.


  • Virtually 100% detection rate.
  • Negligible false and nuisance alarms.
  • Highly durable under harsh sea conditions.
  • Maintenance free and long-life span.
  • Flexible and versatile construction suitable for many types of instaIlation
  • Highest performance-to-cost ratio.


The F-8000 MARINET is a lightweight weft-knitted net structure comprised of a single tactical fiber-optic cable. Infrared light is pulsed through the fiber net. The F-8000 MARINET can be installed under water around the following:

a) Marine RIGID System

Whereby the net is connected to the existing poles or structure e.g., oil rigs, jetties, etc. It is well suited for shallow areas.

b) Marine FLOATING System

Whereby the net is connected to floating buoys. It is well suited for a quick implementation in harbours, for surrounding vessels, aquaculture, and other offshore deep-water areas.

It is nearly impossible for divers, underwater vehicles or swimmers to cut, break, tear, pass, jam, tamper or bridge the underwater F-8000 MARINET without being detected.


  • Naval Bases
  • Offshore oil rigs
  • Unden/vater Pipelines and cables
  • Harbour entrances
  • Onshore power stations
  • Aquaculture and Beaches

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